Our club was founded with the purpose of serving fellow and ex-South Africans, whether living in or only visiting Colorado. We have no political affiliations and welcome members of any race.

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  1. A touch of nostalgia for South Africans living abroad – welcome to SYSTRAAT, South Africa’s very first animated web-sitcom!

    For the first time in the history of television in South Africa we have our very own locally produced animated TV sitcom.

    Not only is this a first for television in our country but it is a first for Afrikaans.
    Springfield has its Simpsons and South Africa now has its Systraat and we can laugh at, cry with and share in the antics of the Kotze family over thirteen episodes.

    This ground breaking series will be broadcast on SABC 3’s YouTube channel in order to make it available not only to local audiences but also for anyone in the world who has ties with South Africa. This is also history in the making because it is the very first time that any SABC production premieres on YouTube before being aired on national TV.

    The first episode premieres on Tuesday 24 November 2015 at 21h00 South African time. Google SABC3 SYSTRAAT YOUTUBE and enjoy this bit of television history with us. The episodes will still be available for viewing on YouTube for a week after the Tuesday broadcasts.

    Please inform as many interested parties and club members locally and abroad as possible. Wherever you may find yourself, in South Africa, the USA, New Zealand, Asia, Europe or the Middle East, make an appointment with the Kotzes of Systraat starting Tuesday 24 November 2015 21h00 RSA time.


  2. Is there someplace near Colorado Springs I can buy boerwors? I am having a braii for military people at the end of Oct2016 and am trying to have a variety of food.
    I’m not SA but lived there in the 70’s working as a pilot and was one of the 1st to fly “Ollie” doing the Joberg traffic watch with helicopter for Radio Hi Veldt.

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