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  1. Hi

    Postbox Courier (a South African company with a presence in London, New York and Hong Kong) provides a consolidated and cost effective courier service for South Africans living abroad wishing to send gifts and other items to loved ones at home, and especially as Christmas being just around the corner. This is a personal alternative to the larger international freight forwarders and more reliable than the current postal services.

    Its free to register. Check out our website

    Ken Rohan

  2. Hi, there.

    I have my VISA, and am now looking for employment!! I thought to contact groups where fellow Saffa’s unite as a starting point…

    I am keen to live in San Diego specifically (for California), Colorado, Georgia or Florida (open to locations) – and I’m urgently seeking a position within the following realms:
    1) Office – admin and team support, assistant, management, executive support
    2) Outdoor companies – as above, but happy to start anywhere! (I’m genuinely passionate about the great outdoors and wildlife conversation)
    3) Real Estate – I enjoy vast experience marketing offshore properties to South Africans, particularly Aus and US property
    4) Marketing – I also have wide-ranging experience within the Sales & Marketing industry

    I’m happy to start at the bottom and work my way up. I’m overjoyed at the prospect of starting a new life in the States! *Have VISA, will Travel!*

    Many more details can be provided upon request.


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