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2 thoughts on “Join our Club

  1. Hello,

    I know this is an odd request and someone may be hesitant to give me information, but here goes:

    In January/February 2012, I met a white man on a flight to South Africa. He had dark hair and 2-3 young (under 5 years) children, and a wife. They travel to South Africa yearly, I believe. He may have once lived in Jo’Burg. He told me he now lives in Denver.

    I was on a trip to South Africa to study for the semester at NMMU. On our long flight, I got to know the man, and he had some incredibly valuable things to tell me and he made a large impact on how I proceeded about my time in your wonderful country. My time in South Africa completely changed my life, and is the my reason for pursuing medicine and medical school, among many other things.

    I am now living in Boston and am originally from Minnesota.

    Anyways, I would like to get in contact with him if possible in any way. Perhaps sending an email out to your members would be a possibility?

    I would just like to reach out to him! I can also send through a picture of myself!

    With sincere thanks,
    Isaak M. Jones

  2. I lived in Rhodesia from birth through 1977, moved to England, USA and back to Cape Town 1981. Left Cape Town to bring family to Chicago, IL in 1986. I moved to Denver, CO September 2015. I still have a sister in Cape Town and 2 brothers in UK.

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