Bobotie Recipe

Group A:bobotie
30ml fine ginger
30ml soft brown sugar
15ml curry powder
15ml turmeric
10ml salt
2ml pepper
60ml butter/margarine

5 medium size onions finely chopped.

Group B:
2 slices white bred dipped in water
1kg lean ground beef
150ml seedless raisins
60ml chutney
30ml smooth apricot jam
30ml vinegar
30ml Worcester sauce
30 ml tomato paste

Group C
375 milk
2 eggs
Fresh lemon leaves

Heat all the ingredients of group A in a pan except the onions and butter. Add the onions and butter and stir.

Mix group B together and add to the mix in the pan. Slowly simmer over medium heat for about 20 minutes.

Put in an oven dish. Mix eggs and milk of group c and add on top of beef mix in dish. Bake for about 45minutes on 350F.

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